Warner Bros. is currently working on a Man of Steel sequel, but there hasn't been any official word on where the movie stands. However, Kingsman and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn recently revealed that he has met with the studio about doing a Superman movie. Now, the director reveals that, given the chance, he would make Man of Steel 2 a "feel-good" movie that would take a lot of inspiration from the 1978 Richard Donner Superman.

Matthew Vaughn recently spoke with Collider in order to promote the upcoming release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. During the conversation, the director was asked about what his take on Superman would be and he made it clear that he would not be doing a dark, gritty take on the character. His version of Man of Steel 2 would be quite a bit different than what we've seen previously in the DCEU. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Weirdly if I did do Superman, and I made the mistake of telling someone yesterday I have spoken about it and then wallop (laughs), I think my main take would be, it's really boring but make a Superman film. I just don't feel a proper Superman, I think Donner did it to perfection for that time. Just doing the modern, I wanna do a modern version of the Donner [version]. Go back to the source material... For me Superman is color, feel-good, heroic. He's a beacon of light in darkness. And that's what I think Superman should be."

As much as fans love Henry Cavill as Superman, the way that the character has been treated on screen in the DCEU has been another story. From breaking Zod's neck in Man of Steel to playing second fiddle to Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, many DC fans feel that Superman hasn't had a fair shake. But that is very likely to change after Justice League. Superman is currently dead, following his battle with Doomsday, but he is going to be resurrected in Justice League and that means there is a big opportunity for a filmmaker to get the character right. Matthew Vaughn could very well be that filmmaker.

Vaughn's rough pitch certainly sounds to be more in line with what many DCEU fans would like to see and he has proven himself time and time again as a director that knows how to deliver. However, he has plans for Kingsman 3, which would very likely be his next movie. So if Warner Bros. wants him to do Man of Steel 2, they may have to be comfortable waiting. Either that or Fox is going to have to be okay with the idea that Kingsman 3 will be on the backburner for a bit. Either way, the studio has a solid contender for the job.