Henry Cavill is currently trending on social media as DC fans hope for Man of Steel 2. Back in May, it was reported that Cavill was not finished working with DC and Warner Bros., though we haven't heard much since then. However, when it was originally reported, Cavill was reportedly not gearing up for the Man of Steel sequel. Instead, sources close to the situation claimed that he was going to show up in a few different cameos.

Eight months after that initial report, DC fans are still wondering if they'll ever see Henry Cavill as Superman again. He will be seen as the iconic superhero again in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League, which is over four hours in length, meaning that there should be a decent amount of unseen footage for fans to get into. While some of his Justice League castmates came back for some reshoots, Cavill was not one of them, as Snyder apparently didn't need him.

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While there is no Man of Steel 2 news, DC fans are hoping to work some of the same magic that they used to make Zack Snyder's Justice League a reality, which included getting the movie trending on social media. While fans kept the faith and Snyder kept teasing the existence of his cut, nobody ever thought that Warner Bros. would come back to the director and offer him millions of dollars to complete his original cut. Yet, here we are, only a few months away from the Snyder Cut's debut on HBO Max. Will the fans be able to will Henry Cavill's return in a possible Man of Steel 2? Regardless, #HenryCavillSuperman is trending on social media as thousands of fans tweet their support.

Some DC Comics fans believe that Henry Cavill is the best actor to ever portray Superman on the big screen and they really want to see him back in any form, even if it's not Man of Steel 2. One fan declares, "Henry Cavill is the best superman of all time and I meant what I said," while another fan simply tweeted, "Retweet if you want Henry Cavill to continue playing Superman." Both of those tweets have gained a lot of attention on Twitter today and it likely will not be the last time that fans get Henry Cavill and Man of Steel 2 trending.

As it stands, Warner Bros. reportedly has no plans to make Man of Steel 2. Instead, it looks like fans may have to wait for possible cameos in Black Adam or even Shazam! 2. Cavill was supposed to be in the first Shazam!, but that obviously did not end up happening. The actor could show up in the already stacked The Flash, which is supposed to begin filming in April with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both playing different versions of Batman. It is believed that the Reviews by Brooks Twitter account was the one to kick of today's trends.