Even though Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce it, the cat is pretty much out of the bag that Man of Steel 2 is happening. Not only that, but it may be a little further along in the development process than we thought. Thanks to a new report, it looks like the plot of the movie is already set, which includes a whole lot of new characters, and a new title, which will actually declare that Man of Steel 2 will be a for real Superman movie. So, let's dig into what the movie might be about, shall we?

This all comes from a recent episode of The Comic Book Cast, but they didn't name the source of these rumored plot details. So, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, and also, there are potentially major spoilers ahead for Man of Steel 2, so read ahead at your own risk. Firstly, the movie's working title may be Superman: Last Son or Superman: Last Son of Krypton. There have been a lot of complaints lobbed at Warner Bros. for their treatment of Superman in the DC Extended Universe so far, so it looks like they are going full throttle on making this sequel an actual, bonafide Superman movie.

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The biggest thing this report reveals is that Brainiac is going to be the villain in the Man of Steel follow-up. Brainiac is one of the biggest villains in Superman's history, so it makes a lot of sense. The villain was also supposed to be one of the primary villains in the Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton movie Superman Lives. In addition, the report also claims that Kal-El's cousin, Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl will be in the movie. Plus there have been discussions by the creative team that Martian Manhunter may appear.

Speaking of the creative team, the story for Man of Steel 2 came from Zack Snyder, who of course directed Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Geoff Johns, who is now running the DCEU side of things at Warner Bros. Specifically, the story is said to involve an opening scene where Brainiac is attacking the city of Kandor on Krypton ten years before Superman is born. General Zod is there leading the fight to defend Kandor, but Brainiac succeeds and traps the city of Kandor in a bottle, because that is what Brainiac does. It is very strange, but the character of Brainiac likes to capture civilizations, and that is his way of doing it. Oh, and another one of the bottled cities that Brainiac will have on his ship will be the capital of Thanagar, which is the home planet of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

The report didn't reveal exactly how Superman comes face-to-face with Brainiac, but being that Brainiac has captured inhabitants of Superman's now dead homeworld, they are going to fight. The report claims that Superman and Brainiac will fight twice. Once in space, and once on Earth. During the space fight, he will meet Supergirl. During the Earth fight, the other members of the Justice League are going to show up to help take down Brainiac. Supposedly, Martian Manhunter will be the one who brings him to Earth, after chasing him around the galaxy for quite some time.

This report also supports the rumor that Warner Bros. is courting J.J. Abrams to direct the movie. That information first surfaced in a Reddit post that featured a bunch of leaked information about the future of the DCEU. It makes sense that Warner Bros. would want to go after a big name, well-respected director like Abrams for the project, especially since he is known to be able to get franchises back on track. Not surprisingly, the report also claims that this will be the second part of an intended Man of Steel trilogy and that Lois Lane will have a smaller role so the movie can focus heavily on Superman.

There is a lot of information here, and again, we don't have any solid sourcing for it, so it should not be taken as gospel. Not even close. However, a lot of this information does make sense, and there is nothing in here that smells overly out of place. Should this report turn out to be true, it looks like Warner Bros.has another very ambitious superhero movie on their hands. You can check out the full episode of Comic Book Cast for yourself below.