The recent news that Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill will be returning to the big screen as Superman had fans elated. While it does not sound like there are any imminent plans to make a standalone Man of Steel 2 at the moment, this recent piece of fan art, courtesy of the digital artist Yadvender Singh Rana, shows what Cavill's eventual comeback could look like in Man of Steel 2 or whatever DCEU movie he makes his next cameo appearance in.

"This is a good time for the DCEU. @henrycavill is going to come back to reprise his role as The Man of Steel in future DCEU continuity projects. It's however unclear, whether he'll be appearing in cameos or supporting roles, but I'm happy that he's back. For now."
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The image once again reminds us how well-cast Henry Cavill is in the iconic DC role, visually speaking at least, as he gives off the kind of heroic, powerful presence that one would expect from the Man of Tomorrow. While the suit looks similar to what we have seen him sport so far, there have been a few upgrades, including a fancy new collar that brings to mind his New 52 redesign in the comics. Along with the collar, the artist has made some small tweaks here and there and the results are, well, super, giving Cavill's Man of Steel something of a regal, militaristic elegance that perhaps the original suit lacks.

When the news broke of Cavill's return, rumors had been gathering for some time, with Cavill himself convinced that the role was still his and that he would be donning the red cape again sooner rather than later. Whilst it has been confirmed that Cavill will indeed be back, sadly, a new report since then has suggested that, according to "inside sources", Warner Bros. does not intend to make a solo Superman movie with Cavill any time soon believing that "A stand-alone Superman movie would not be successful at this time. Perhaps once there's more momentum after playing a supporting role in some successful DC films, there would be more of a chance for a stand-alone film."

Whilst this is disappointing to hear, the plan instead will be to have Cavill cameo in various movies across the DC cinematic universe, much like Mark Ruffalo's character Bruce Banner/Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cavill's version of Superman has already cameoed in another hero's adventure, though it was not Henry Cavill in the suit, with the Last Son of Krypton appearing very briefly at the end of last year's Shazam!. There are also some similarities between Superman and Hulk in terms of their ability to show up and save the day thanks to their sheer power levels. Other than that though, the characters could not be more different. Warner Bros' plan is likely to have the Man of Steel looming over the universe like the all-powerful God that he is. Something more akin to the presence of Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame as opposed to the fish out of water appearances of Bruce Banner.

Still, it will be good to have Cavill back, given the actor's popularity in the role, and should he be given a new suit, this fan art could be the way to go. This comes to us from ultraraw26.