Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this fantastic Friday? The Warriors gets a new remake pitch, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials premiere is forced to move for a disgusting reason and the 80s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off gets the 8-Bit Cinema treatment. But first, writer-director Max Landis offers his Man of Steel 2 pitch. Sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Max Landis' Man of Steel 2 Pitch

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Chronicle and American Ultra screenwriter Max Landis has revealed a very interesting pitch for Man of Steel 2 for a Screen Junkies segment dubbed Dream Sequels. This pitch essentially ignores everything that will happen in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it's still a fascinating take on what certainly could have happened to Clark Kent after he destroyed Metropolis during his battle with General Zod in Man of Steel.

The Warriors Gets a Remake

Producer Adi Shankar is becoming just as well-known for his Bootleg Universe short films like Power/Rangers and In Service of Nothing as he is for his regular movies like Dredd 3D and Lone Survivor. The producer has launched a new YouTube series dubbed The Bootleg Universe Pitch Show, where he brings on special guests to pitch their take for new versions of classic movies. The first episode features director Sean Baker (Tangerine), who pitches his "re-imagining" of Walter Hill's classic The Warriors.

The Maze Runner 2 Premiere Invaded by Bedbugs

Maze Runner 2

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials hits theaters nationwide starting today, but earlier this week, the sequel had its New York City premiere, although things didn't go according to plan. The New York Post reports that the premiere screening on Tuesday was moved from AMC Empire Times Square across the street to Regal Cinemas, after bedbugs were reported in the AMC theater. That same theater had to shut down in 2010 after a similar bedbug infestation.

Jamie Lee Curtis Recreates Psycho Shower Scene For Scream Queens

Jamie Lee Curtis took to her Instagram page earlier this week to share a fascinating photo, revealing that she re-created her mother Janet Leigh's iconic shower scene from Psycho in the new Fox series Scream Queens. The actress revealed it was a "shot-for-shot" recreation of this beloved scene, but it isn't known if this means her character will actually die on the show. We'll have to wait and see if more details surface, but still, it's a great tribute to one of the most thrilling scenes of all time.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off 8-Bit Cinema

Cinefix is back with yet another wonderful 8-Bit Cinema video, with this latest installment exploring the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's actually somewhat surprising that this movie didn't get an actual video game, since it came out just one year before the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) debuted in 1987. Regardless, we can still enjoy what might have been with this very cool 8-Bit Cinema video.

A Father Turns His Mustang Into Lightning McQueen

Cars Lightning McQueen

We've showcased a number of awesome dads who have gone that extra mile for their children throughout the year on Nerd Alert, but this Father of the Year candidate has to be one of the best yet. Memphis father Brett Wineck recently purchased a new Ford Mustang, and after he realized that the car's red color was similar to his three-year-old son's Lightning McQueen toy from the Pixar movie Cars, he decided to turn his own vehicle into a life-sized Lightning McQueen, to surprise his son. The father enlisted the help of a company named Tennessee Tint to pull off this project, and he now plans on taking his vehicle to car shows so more children can enjoy his special project.

Jeopardy! Contestant Tricks Alex Trebek


One of the staples of late 1990s/early 2000s Saturday Night Live was the show's parody of Celebrity Jeopardy!, with Will Ferrell portraying Alex Trebek and a number of cast members playing dim-witted celebrities. One of the best Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches aired in 1999, when Burt Reynolds, played by Norm McDonald, changed his name on the podium to Turd Ferguson. 16 years later, an actual Jeopardy! contestant named Talia has become a national treasure, with her Final Jeopardy answer "The Love Ballad of Turd Ferguson," which Alex Trebek had to read aloud on the air. You can check out the actual Jeopardy! video and the Celebrity Jeopardy! sketch from Saturday Night Live above, both of which are hilarious.

Movie Phone Conversation Supercut

The brilliant minds at Burger Fiction have taken a slew of different phone call scenes from various movies and cut them into one amazing three-minute conversation. In just under three minutes, this rapid-fire video gives us scenes from 57 different movies, including The Matrix, Jerry Maguire, Heat and, of course, Taken.

Learn How Pixar Finds New Ways to Make You Cry

Ever notice how you always find yourself crying at the end of a Pixar movie? The hilarious folks at Above Average sure have, putting together a great sketch that explores Pixar's "SadLab." These "scientists" explain that their goal is to make viewers so sad that they "lose their s--t," and if you've ever seen a Pixar movie before, you'll realize how incredibly accurate that statement may be.

Top 10 Plot Holes In Popular Movies

Screen Rant has an intriguing breakdown of their top 10 picks for huge plot holes in blockbuster movies. Their picks include the illogical way Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was sent back to Earth in Marvel's The Avengers, after the Bifrost was destroyed in Thor, Cypher's (Joe Pantoliano) betrayal in The Matrix and much more.

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