How do you up attendance at a local superhero film convention? Easy, you have legendary comic book creators Geoff Johns (who worked on this summer's Green Lantern) and Jim Lee announce that they will be dropping a major bombshell while attending the Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11th concerning director Zack Snyder and his upcoming Man of Steel that will effect the entire movie world of the DC Entertainment Universe.

Its anybody's guess as to what big news they hold in their possession. Early speculation is that they will be announcing Justice League of America casting that could include Man of Steel's Henry Cavill, even though Zack Snyder has been adamant that his Superman adventure will not be tied to this DC Comics ensemble. He was also adamant that Zod wouldn't be appearing in the Man of Steel reboot, and we all know how that turned out.

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Single day tickets for Saturday, June 11th are $45, and include an on stage interview with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, as well as a double feature of Superman and Superman II, which will be followed by an onstage interview with Richard Donner.

The Hero Complex Film Festival will run from June 9-12 at the Chinese Six Theatre at Hollywood and Highland. If you don't live in Los Angeles, can't make it, or don't feel like dropping $45 just to hear how Henry Cavill and Christian Bale are headlining Justice League of America, be sure to check back in with us on June 11th, as we will have the breaking news as soon as its announced.