When DC Comics announced their release slate through the year 2020 last month, it was clear that the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the launching pad for this massive comic book universe. As it turns out, Warner Bros. may have wanted last year's Man of Steel to truly set up this world, but producer Christopher Nolan shot down the notion.

A lengthy profile of Christopher Nolan in The Guardian offers an anecdote about how Zack Snyder first met Christopher Nolan, and how Warner Bros. asked the director to add a "comedy coda" to the end of Man of Steel. Here's an excerpt from the article.

"'The Batman movies - that take, that tone - came out of nowhere,' said director Zack Snyder, who first met Nolan on a Warner Bros plane heading to a film industry convention in Las Vegas and leapt at the chance to direct a similarly toned Superman reboot, Man of Steel - for which he studied, at Nolan's request, test footage from White Sands, New Mexico, to get a sense of how objects behave at high velocity. When the studio asked if Snyder would add a comedy coda ending, in the style of Marvel, Nolan's reply was 'A real movie wouldn't do that.'"

Of course, we have no idea what kind of "comedy coda ending" Warner Bros. had in mind, so it isn't exactly known if Christopher Nolan is against the ending they had come up with, or just end credit sequences in general. It's possible that he didn't agree with ending the movie on a comedic note, given all of the destruction seen at the end of Man of Steel. Then again, Marvel's The Avengers' big finale was just as destructive and also ended on a humorous note, but that blockbuster had more of a lighter tone overall than Man of Steel.

It's also worth noting that Christopher Nolan revealed last month that he is no longer a part of the DC Comics movie universe, a statement which came just 10 days after Warner Bros. and DC's big announcement.

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