There has been no shortage of casting news regarding Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, though little is still known about the story.

Actress Diane Lane, who will play Clark Kent's adoptive mother Martha Kent, recently revealed that the screenplay spans from Clark Kent's birth up to his adult life. Here's what she had to say about this new take on the mythos, revealing she only had a few hours in a locked room to read the script.

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"I read the script under lock and key. I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I'm really excited. I'm really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on."

Last month, director Zack Snyder said that his Man of Steel will not have any ties to any previous Superman movie. If this is the case, it seems we will see a new version of Clark Kent's origins, since the original Superman featured several iconic scenes dealing with Superman's infancy.