Warner Bros. is prepping its highly-anticipated superhero reboot Man of Steel to start shooting sometime later this year. While several new actors have recently joined the cast, the production has also brought on a new screenwriter in Kurt Johnstad.

David S. Goyer wrote the initial draft of the screenplay, but he is now busy writing Godzilla for Legendary Pictures, and he isn't available to perform rewrites. Here's what an insider had to say about bringing Kurt Johnstad aboard Man of Steel.

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"Now that Goyer's is off The Man of Steel and on to Godzilla, (director Zack) Snyder got Kurt Johnstad (whose his regular, go-to writer, including 300, that The Last Photograph project that (Christian) Bale's attached to now originating from Snyder's noggin and that 300 spin-off) to take over for rewrites. Jonathan Nolan took a pass on it too."

It still isn't clear when Man of Steel will start production, or if shooting will be delayed by additional script work.