LEGO has gone and done it again! They've revealed a secondary villain in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel by releasing a list of their upcoming playsets. Who might possibly be teaming up with Michael Shannon's Zod?

Here is a list of the Man of Steel playsets, but be warned, as this hasn't been mentioned anywhere else, this is a SPOILER ALERT!

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  • 76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown

  • 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville

  • 76009 Superman Black Zero Escape

Yes, you read that right. Semi-obscure DC Comics super villain Black Zero, the destroyer of Krypton, is planning to make an appearance in Man of Steel, that is, if LEGO has anything to say about it. (It is possible that this is one of those movie-ties that actually don't replicate anything in the movie itself).

Who is Black Zero? Here is what the DC Comics Database has to say about him.

"Black Zero is the name of several entities in the Superman mythos. The original was a super-villain directly responsible for the destruction of the planet Krypton. The Black Zero Organization was a Kryptonian terrorist group. They also developed the Black Zero Virus, a program that plagued technology in the Fortress of Solitude. There was a Black Zero Unit as part of the Kryptonian Military Guild. This was also the name used by Black Zero, an evil clone of Superboy. The name was first used by Otto Binder in Superman #205."

Maybe Sam Emerson and the Frog Brothers know this guy, but I don't. There is no indication on IMDB about who might be playing Black Zero. Do you have any speculations? Jack White? Lucas Black? Jack Black drinking a Coke Zero? They all could fit the bill...(Seriously!)