More story details have purportedly leaked out of the Man of Steel production camp. This news comes from the same 'reliable' source that leaked the proven-to-be-true info that Kevin Costner was going to be cast as Pa Kent, and that Zod is the main villain, which, as we now know, will be a role played by Michael Shannon.

Today, its been revealed that the main female villain will actually be Faora, a DC Comics character that was used as the basis for Ursa in Superman II. She is a man-hating serial killer from the planet Krypton who once created a male concentration camp for Kryptonians. When she was sentenced to time in the Phantom Zone, she, along with many other criminals from the planet of Krypton, survived that planet's destruction.

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Zack Snyder is further distancing himself from the first Superman franchise by making his Krypton look more like the planet Coruscant as seen in the Star Wars films. We will also get to see Jor-El and his wife Lara. It is said that Daniel Day-Lewis was in the running to play Jor-El, but that has never been confirmed (much like the rest of this story).

More casting announcements for Man of Steel are expected this Sunday.