Director Zack Snyder is hosting a Man of Steel watch party this week. Snyder announced on social media that he will be watching his 2013 DC Comics adaptation this Wednesday, while providing commentary and answering fan questions. Taking to Twitter, Snyder had this to say about it.

"Many of us are struggling during this difficult time. Felt it could be cathartic to come together now for a Man of Steel Watch Party and celebrate the ultimate symbol of hope. Submit some questions, I'll answer a few after. #manofsteel #superman"
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The watch party will be taking place on the filmmaker's Vero page. Zack Snyder is particularly active on Vero, a niche social media platform. did a similar watch party earlier this year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The event provided a number of insights about the movie that hadn't come to light before the viewing. One can assume/hope the same will happen with Man of Steel. In any case, this will provide fans with the chance to revisit Superman's most recent big screen solo outing with the man who brought it to life.

Released in 2013, Man of Steel kicked off what we have come to know as the DCEU and followed in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, which concluded with The Dark Knight Rises the prior year. Now, Warner Bros. had its sights set on a shared cinematic universe, taking a page from Marvel's playbook. Henry Cavill was cast to play Superman and Zack Snyder was brought on board to helm what would be the first entry in a new shared universe of DC movies.

The end result remains divisive as ever. Zack Snyder had a darker take on the iconic hero than we had seen in previous versions. Man of Steel was enough of a financial success, grossing $668 million at the global box office, to encourage the studio to move forward with Snyder's follow-up. Instead of a direct sequel, we got Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which brought Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne into the fold. That entry proved to be even more divisive, which created many complications for Justice League, with fans still calling for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of the movie.

We never got Man of Steel 2 and Henry Cavill's future as the character remains somewhat in doubt. Conflicting reports have emerged in the wake of Justice League on the matter and nothing has been firmed up. Still, this movie represents the start of the current era of DC Films and seven years later, it has a legacy to carry, complicated though it may be. The Man of Steel watch party is set to kick off at 8 a.m. PT on May 20. To participate, tune in over at Zack Snyder's Vero and hit play on your copy of the movie when the director gives the green light.