Back in December, we reported that actor Keanu Reeves is making his directorial debut with the Universal Pictures martial arts project Man of Tai Chi. Today we have a proof of concept video that showcases the revolutionary robotic camera system dubbed Bot and Dolly Iris, along with a demo reel for this setup. Take a look at this video featuring the director/actor during a rehearsal fight that shows the type of shots one can achieve with Bot and Dolly.

From Keanu Reeves personal Youtube page comes this information on the project and the Bot and Dolly Iris.

"The Bot & Dolly team pimped out a Chevy Sonic with a paint canon, sprayer and 1500lb robot with custom controls. The results were extraordinary and highlight B&D's extensive engineering and fabrication capabilities for creative work.

Keanu Reeves recently used his extensive Rolodex to get an amazing array of filmmakers on camera to talk analog vs. digital in his very well-received documentary Side by Side and now it seems he's looking to change the game a bit on his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi.

Сoncept video that show a fight scene and how Reeves will be utilizing the Bot & Dolly's Iris, a pretty advanced looking, robotically controlled camera system, to take viewers in, up and around the flying hands and feets."