Warner Bros. has joined forces with Atlas Entertainment to produce an adaptation of Mandrake the Magician, a project which has been in development at several different studios for many years.

Lee Falk created the character in 1934 in comic strip form, which told the tale of an illusionist who was a powerful hypnotist. He uses his abilities to fight crime with Lothar, one of the strongest men in the world. Universal Pictures produced a 12-part serial based on the comic strip in 1939, but the character has not been seen on the big screen ever since.

Disney once had the rights for several years, before they were acquired by Baldwin Entertainment and Hyde Park. Atlas Entertainment picked up the rights in 2009, and even commissioned a script by Janet Peoples and David Webb Peoples (12 Monkeys). Now Warner Bros. and Atlas are seeking new writers for a 21st Century take on the character.

No production schedule was given for Mandrake the Magician.