Worldview Entertainment has released the first photo of Al Pacino in the upcoming Manglehorn, directed by David Gordon Green. The actor portrays AJ Manglehorn, a seemingly-normal man in a small town who is hiding from his mysterious past as a criminal, pondering the choice he made to give up the love of his life for a big score. Manglehorn is forced to confront his past after a horrible ordeal that could change his life forever. Take a look at the first image from this indie drama, which co-stars Holly Hunter, Chris Messina and filmmaker Harmony Korine, and you can also take a look at the official synopsis below.

<strong><em>Manglehorn</em></strong> Al Pacino Photo

AJ Manglehorn is an aging, ordinary guy in a small town. He nurses his sick cat, squeezes out a conversation with the local bank teller every Friday, and eats at the same place every day. But there is more to Manglehorn than meets the eye: he's an ex-con who, 40 years ago, gave up the woman of his dreams for a big 'job'. He now obsesses daily over the choices he made. After a dramatic effort to start over, Manglehorn faces a terrifying moment and is unmasked as a guy with a very, very dark past.