Yesterday, the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was released, giving us our second look at this 3D adventure since the teaser trailer debuted back in July.

Director Marc Webb recently spoke about the differences between his upcoming movie and the Sam Raimi trilogy, as well as offering new details about the mystery surrounding Peter Parker's parents.

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"There's narrative differences, like the Gwen Stacy saga is something from the comics that I've always really, really loved. There's what happened to his parents, which is a huge thing. But there's the villain, Dr. Connors and The Lizard, which never came to fruition in the [other} movies."

Speaking of The Lizard, who is played by Rhys Ifans, the director reveals that they did a lot of research to get an accurate look down for this villainous character.

"We spent a lot of time thinking about the biology of a lizard, and how his muscles work, and there's an entire staff of people dedicated to making him look lifelike," Webb said. "It is an extraordinary task, and very, very difficult. It takes a lot of time, which a lot of people in this room can attest to."

Marc Webb also talked about this latest trailer, and how he wanted to give viewers a better understanding of this new reboot, as opposed to the teaser trailer.

"People don't know what to expect, and I think it's really important for us to establish exactly why we believe it's an important thing to do. We felt it was really important to give the audience a more specific idea of what the film would look like. When you do a teaser trailer it's always tricky, because we were still shooting the movie when that was being cut. This time we wanted to show Peter and Gwen a little bit more. To get to know more of the characterization, and a lot of the visual effects stuff that we've been working on, just to display the attitude of the film that we're trying to create."