Now this is just bloody depressing.

In a story from Bloody-Disgusting, it seems that they had a chance to chat with Marcus Dunstan. As you probably know, he and Patrick Melton scripted the horror, bloodbath Feast together.

Now, they got the chance to see their movie made because their script won Project Greenlight 3.

However, for some reason HBO Home Video most likely isn't going to be releasing that season of Project Greenlight on DVD. Here is what Dunstan had to say about it:

"I don't think so." He states. "The show didn't break any ratings records and some reality shows just don't move enough units to guarantee distribution for the rest. It may see the light of day one of these years but as of now, I just don't think so."

The corporate logic which he infers to here is completely wrong. This show has a built in audience based on it's horror subject matter.

Also, it's the season that introduced us to John Gulager, it was by far the most interesting because of Gulager and it's the only season of Project Greenlight to produce a good movie.

Here's hoping the suits reconsider because we think there would be a very nice audience for them on if Project Greenlight 3 came to DVD.

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