We reported last month that director Brett Ratner was no longer going to be at the helm of the new Conan remake, but now it seems a new director has been found. According to CHUD, Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th) will be directing Conan.

It was said that an August start date was set when Ratner was on board, but it's not clear if they still aim to get the film rolling by then, especially since no cast members have been attached as of yet. The site did also report that a casting announcement was expected soon, and that the title role was expected to go to an unknown actor.

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opNispel seems like an ideal choice here after the success of the Friday the 13th remake... but an unknown actor as Conan? While the thought of an unknown stepping into such huge, Governator shoes, the more I think about it... who really has the build in Hollywood to pull off Conan these days? Derek Mears the Barbarian, perhaps?..../op