Marcus Raboy is set to direct Janky Promoters, the latest comedy from writer-actor-producer Ice Cube. Mike Epps and Terry Crews also have joined the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. All four are alumni of the 2002 comedy "Friday After Next," which Raboy directed and Cube wrote and starred in with Epps and Crews.

Janky Promoters follows the shenanigans of a pair of shady concert promoters (Cube and Epps), self-described "Modesto's finest," who get in over their heads when they get a shot at booking a big-name hip-hop act (an actual rapper whose deal was closing Tuesday). Complications come in the form of a pot-growing neighborhood nemesis named Mondo and Cube's character's son (Nickelodeon star Little JJ), who is under contract with the old man.

Shooting begins Monday in Sherman Oaks, though the movie is set in Modesto, Calif., and takes place in a single day.