According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marcus Raboy has signed on to direct Whitebread for New Line Cinema. Whitebread tells the fish-out-of-water story of a wealthy white teenager who, in order to avoid losing his inheritance, is forced to join his grandfather's blue-blood fraternity -- only to discover it has become all black.

Raboy directed The Friday After Next for the studio and made his name directing music videos for the likes of Naughty by Nature, Ice Cube, Mary J. Blige and Santana. That experience will prove handy since the world the filmmakers plan to create is music-oriented and will include "stepping," a type of dance practiced by black fraternities.

"It's how they express the unity and bond of brotherhood," Raboy said. "We've seen a lot of frat movies, but not like this. No one has really explored this world."

Peter Cohen wrote the initial draft of the script; Rob Lieber wrote the latest.