Margot Robbie reveals why she doesn't like to be nearly nude while playing Harley Quinn. Robbie is gearing up to get back into character for the Birds of Prey movie and she isn't looking forward to some things that she had to endure while filming 2016's Suicide Squad. DC fans have been waiting to see Robbie get back into character ever since her debut performance, and from the looks of things, we're going to see a bit more of her on the big screen in the years to come.

In a new interview, Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan were asked about appearing on screen with little to no clothing. Jordan appeared shirtless in Black Panther for a decent amount of the movie and his body was covered in fake scars. Robbie has to wear skimpy clothing as Harley Quinn, which shows off a lot of skin. Showing skin isn't a problem for the actress, but as Quinn it isn't fun. Robbie explains.

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"Honestly, for me, as Harley at least, the more skin showing the longer it takes in hair and makeup 'cause she's got, you know, white skin and a million tattoos. So if anything outside, god, the scenes where I don't even have the jacket on, that's an extra 20 minutes in the makeup trailer."

Michael B. Jordan concurred and added that all of his prosthetics in Black Panther took a long time to apply. In an interview from around the time that Suicide Squad was released, Margot Robbie revealed that putting on the wig and having to fight in her costume is also not a very fun thing to do. In addition to the makeup taking longer than normal, Robbie says, "the worst thing were the gold bangles. They had spikes on them, and I'd always stab myself. I hated them."

Margot Robbie says that the chemical scene in Suicide Squad is the most difficult thing that she's ever had to do in her life, noting that she couldn't breathe and that the, "gluggy paint stuff that was so far in my ears and up my nose, and I was choking on it underwater." She went on to say that she wasn't even able to really open her eyes, and that when she did, all that she could see was white. Let's hope the filming for Birds of Prey goes a lot smoother for the actress.

Production on Birds of Prey is expected to begin this month and then wrap in April with an eye on the February 7th, 2020 release date. The movie will reportedly be an R-rated venture that will test some limits for the DCEU. DC fans are just happy to see Margot Robbie back as Harley Quinn on the big screen. Before she fully suits up, she can be heard as the iconic character in The LEGO Movie 2. You can read the rest of the interview with Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan over at W Magazine.