Mario Lopez, Johnny Lewis, and Robert Ri'chard have been tapped to star in the CW comedy pilot Eight Days a Week. The show revolves around four twentysomethings who work under the top movers and shakers in New York. The Hollywood Reporter says Lopez will play one of the bosses, an impeccably dressed wunderkind with a cell phone attached to his ear. Lewis will play another assistant, a struggling rock musician who works for a big-name rock-band publicist; Ri'chard will play Lopez's character's assistant, a BlackBerry-wielding go-getter.

Kyla Pratt is set as the lead in the CW comedy pilot Hell on Earth; it centers on spoiled, rude, privileged girl (Pratt) who dies in a crash, goes to hell but is sent back to Earth as an ordinary girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Tembi Locke, Jon Rowland, Rod Rowland, Scarlett Chorvat and Diego Serrano have joined Fox's Born in the USA, a blue-collar soap set in Philadelphia; Locke will play an outspoken larger-than-life mother of a teenage daughter (Lisa Tucker). Jon Rowland will play a young Catholic priest; Rod Rowland will play a divorced father, while Chorvat and Serrano will play an engaged couple.

Cynthia Addai-Robinson and Bert Belasco have been added to the CW's race comedy, Dash 4 Cash; Addai-Robinson and Belasco will play contestants.