Succubus: According to Variety, MGM has tapped thesps-turned-scribes Mark Famiglietti and Lane Garrison to pen horror comedy Succubus, based on an idea by Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson.

Project's launching point is the legend of a cult of female demons, called succubae, who use their supermodel looks to seduce and steal men's souls to rule the planet.

Story concerns two twentysomething best friends, one a ladies man, the other a nerd, whose lives are turned upside down when the nerd miraculously starts dating a supermodel. When the handsome friend discovers the supermodel is actually a succubus, he takes action and attempts to bring down the race of beautiful but evil succubae.

Johnson is on board to produce Succubus and may direct the film once he completes the comicbook actioner Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage.