Mark Hamill took some time out of his day to thank Star Wars fans in a heartfelt farewell letter. The Rise of Skywalker marks the end of an era. The Skywalker Saga has come to a close, at least for now, and it's time to move on to new stories with different characters. Hamill's letter is included in copies of The Skywalker Saga boxed set, which includes all nine of the movies in 4k quality on the cutting-edge UHD Blu-rays, along with a ton of bonus features.

Mark Hamill begins his letter by saying, "A few thoughts as one era ends and another begins..." The Luke Skywalker actor has been a part of the franchise for over 40 years now and appreciates what it means to Star Wars fans. Hamill was brought back on for the sequel trilogies with original trilogy stars Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and later Billy Dee Williams. Peter Mayhew was also brought back, along with Anthony Daniels. You can read a portion of his letter to fans below.

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"As Carrie once said, Star Wars is about family, and that is what we all have become - one giant community that shares the experience of these stories and the fundamental value they instill in us."

The Star Wars community is like one big family, though it can be pretty dysfunctional at times. Regardless, it is rooted in positivity and though Mark Hamill is saying farewell, that doesn't mean he won't still be on social media teasing fans and offering up answers to their questions. He could still be involved with the franchise at some point down the line for any number of projects, but he more than likely will not be the focal point. Hamill concluded his letter to fans by giving hope for the future. He explains.

"I am deeply thankful for all your continued enthusiasm and dedication to George's faraway galaxy, which will continue to grow with new storytellers building an even bigger gallery, filled with heroes, villains, action, romance, and, of course, The Force."

Now would be a great time to dive back into the world of Star Wars, starting from the beginning. Everybody has a lot of extra time on their hands and revisiting what made these movies so special could help raise spirits. Or, it could lead to some fierce debate online, which would also help pass the time. Regardless, there is a ton of Star Wars material to devour in the next handful of weeks.

It's unclear where the Star Wars franchise will go next. The Mandalorian has proven to be a big hit with just about all fans and the highly anticipated season 2 is still on schedule to be released this fall. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series and the Rogue One prequel series are all in development, but the big screen is a big question mark at the moment. While we wait to see where Lucasfilm takes us next, you can read the thank you letter, thanks to Mark Hamill's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick