Star Wars fans who stuck around and watched the entirety of the credits for The Last Jedi were not treated with a post-credit scene, instead eagle-eyed moviegoers noticed that Mark Hamill's name showed up again, but this time as a mystery character named Dobbu Scay. Immediately, fans rushed to figure out the mystery of Dobbu Scay and came up with nothing. It has since been revealed that Dobbu Scay is an anagram for editor Bob Duscay and that Mark Hamill requested to do some voice work and motion capture work for fun. But now, the mystery has been solved and we know who the mythical Dobbu Scay is. There are some SPOILERS for The Last Jedi ahead, so read on at your own risk.

Mark Hamill's name is listed in the credits right where a cluster of people that are associated with the Canto Bight Casino scenes, so we all assumed that it was within those scenes and were correct in that assumption. We also guessed that it had to be the little drunken leprechaun who stuffs gold coins in BB-8, mistaking him for a slot machine, and we were right. Dobbu Scay is officially the little Rumpelstiltskin/Gremlin hybrid in the casino. The Last Jedi VFX supervisor Ben Morris confirmed to Nerdist the identity of Mr. Scay, but it was pretty obvious from the get go.

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The whole thing was Mark Hamill's idea according to Ben Morris who says that the actor went up to Rian Johnson and asked if he could do a voice and some motion capture work. Johnson obviously said yes, giving fans the best thing about the entire Canto Bight scenes. Johnson had this to say.

"Mark Hamill came to Rian (Johnson). Mark's done an awful lot of computer game voices for characters, but he's never had the chance (to do mo-cap). So, he said, 'I want to put the dots on, man. I want to do that mo-cap thing.' Rian made a little cameo for Mark. We brought him after the main shoot to our ILM and performance capture stage in London. We spent an afternoon with him, staging those moments with Rian. That was quite bizarre."

Mark Hamill has done a ton of voices over the years, most famously for the Joker in a variety of different projects, and is really well-known for his voice acting. It makes sense that Rian Johnson would take him up on his offer and request.

In order to get to the size of the "toad dude" as Ben Morris calls him, the crew had to construct a giant BB-8 out of wire so that Mark Hamill could interact with it. In addition, iconic Star Wars actor Warwick Davis was also brought in for fun. Creature shop head Neal Scanlan said they made a maquette of Dobbu Scay, or "the toad dude" and combined Hamill's mo-cap performance with puppeteers. Scanlan and Morris really work in tandem to bring the creatures to the galaxy, even for little bit parts like a drunken leprechaun. Scanlan explains.

"Digital made a very big version of BB-8, and so we performed it. Warwick (Davis) and Jimmy Vee played the real scale character with the real sized BB-8, and then the digital guys had a big BB-8 made and Mark played the character to the big BB-8. They motion captured his performance and then scanned in the characters and created it as a full digital character, which is great."

Ben Morris went on to say that Mark Hamill had a great time doing the motion capture work and voicing Dobbu Scay. When asked about the character, the actor played coy and then revealed that he wanted it to be a surprise for the fans, even though we all knew deep down inside that the drunken "toad dude" was Mark Hamill. Now fans will have another cameo to search out for the next time that they go see The Last Jedi. You can read more about Mark Hamill's top secret cameo courtesy of Nerdist.