Mark Hamill was recently on The Ellen Show to promote Star Wars: The Last Jedi and compete with a 10-year old movie expert on some Star Wars trivia. Hamill also talked about his relationship with Carrie Fisher, revealing that they were like brother and sister and sometimes fought like they were truly related, but that he likes to think of her in the "present tense" to keep her memory fresh and think about the good times. In typical Ellen-fashion, the clip is heartwarming and Hamill clearly still misses his on-screen sister.

For another segment, Ellen brought out Walker, a 10-year old movie aficionado to go head-to-head with Luke Skywalker on some Star Wars trivia and Mark Hamill clearly lets the little dude win. The questions range from Luke's original last name to the first color of his Lightsaber and ends with Hamill letting out a pretty pathetic Chewbacca impression. The highlight of the clip is when Hamill hands the boy a pass to The Last Jedi world premiere next week. The look on the boy's face when receiving the gift is priceless, something that Mark Hamill seems to never take for granted.

Mark Hamill has been stoking the hype of The Last Jedi for over a year now, teasing out little pieces of information as well as debunking fan rumors while poking fun at the same time. Hamill has become one of Twitter's best trolls with a heart of gold and recently revealed that he has a soft spot for all animals in the world, even fictional Star Wars creatures like the Wampa. Hamill said that he's still "horrified" that Luke Skywalker cut the fictional beast's arm off in The Empire Strikes Back.

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In other Mark Hamill news, many news outlets started reporting that the 66-year old actor was in bad health when he was seen at the airport in a wheelchair with a hat covering his face. Hamill was reportedly out of breath and had trouble walking according to certain news outlets, but the reason for the wheelchair had nothing to do with Hamill's health and the rest of the reports were more than likely fabricated or at the very least embellished. Mark Hamill took to Twitter to clarify and had this to say.

"Ha! Arriving 5AM I tried the old "wheelchair trick" just 2 avoid autograph $alesmen/Dealer$ who constantly badger me (& my family) 2 increase value of their items-All the better 2 gouge true fans later on Ebay."

It has to be hard for Luke Skywalker to walk through an airport at any time of day, 5am is definitely not a time that anyone wants to be signing autographs for professionals. Mark Hamill might need to find a new Jedi mind trick because everybody is on to the "wheelchair trick."

The Last Jedi premiere is next week and Walker, the 10-year old Star Wars expert, will get to watch the movie before anyone else as Mark Hamill's special guest while the general public has to wait 2 weeks. As usual, Hamill is doing an excellent job as a Star Wars ambassador and the excitement of seeing him on the big screen as Luke Skywalker again is almost too much for some fans. While we wait for The Last Jedi to hit theaters, check out Mark Hamill letting a 10-year old boy destroy him in Star Wars trivia below, courtesy of The Ellen Show's Twitter account.

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