Though perhaps not the epic, big-budget crossover between Star Wars and Star Trek that some fans might have liked to see, Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have officially joined forces on screen. Uber Eats has released a new ad featuring the pair of beloved actors coming together to discuss what they are having for dinner, argue about how to pronounce tomatoes and threaten one another vaguely with violence.

The ad was teased recently by Mark Hamill on Twitter, with a clip of the two saying the word tomatoes quite differently. Now the full commercial for the food delivery service has been released online. Uber Eats shared the video on its social media channels and YouTube along with the following message.

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"Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, two legendary cultural icons, come together to settle the greatest debate of all time - what's for dinner?"

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill appears first in a mostly empty warehouse, declaring that he is going to eat a veggie burger with no tomatoes for dinner. Then Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame strides in saying that he is eating cheese tortellini, but with extra tomatoes. The two actors are armed with clubs and it gets heated. It seems we're in for a showdown until they get bogged down in phrasing, dead-ending the fight.

Mark Hamill, who is known best for his role as Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, shared the ad on Twitter saying, "So it's come to this." Patrick Stewart, who is most recognized for playing Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise, also shared the video on Twitter. Stewart shared it with the following caption.

"Honoured to have battled it out with Mark Hamill to settle one of the greatest debate of all time: what's for dinner?"

There are layers to getting these two actors, specifically, together for an ad like this. Aside from being closely associated with the two biggest sci-fi franchises of all time, both Mark Hamil and Patrick Stewart recently dusted off their legendary roles for unexpected returns. Hamill in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and Stewart for Star Trek: Picard, which is gearing up for season 2. This could also be perceived as a Marvel vs. DC brawl, as Stewart is also known as Professor X in the X-Men franchise, with Hamill known for voicing Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and other DC projects.

Mark Hamill is currently working on a couple of high-profile animated series, voicing Skeletor in Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe series for Netflix, as well as Amazon's animated adaptation of the Invincible comic, which was written by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame. Patrick Stewart, meanwhile, is still voice Deputy Director Bullock on American Dad, in addition to getting ready for Picard season 2. Be sure to check out the commercial for yourself from the Uber Eats YouTube channel.