Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has commented on the arrest of a man named Luke Sky Walker. Walker was originally arrested back in 2017 when he and some friends were caught driving a gold Honda Civic in possession of over 40 stolen street signs in Carter County, Tennessee. Apparently, there's not a whole lot to do in Carter County and stealing street signs is a felony, which Walker learned the hard way. Walker found his way back in the news and jail this past week after violating his probation.

Mark Hamill isn't concerned with the stolen street signs or the reasoning why Luke Sky Walker was arrested again. Instead, the Star Wars actor says, "The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place." Hamill, who plays the iconic Luke Skywalker then commented on Walker's height in his mugshot, using the hashtag: "Also Too Short For A Stormtrooper." Fans instantly picked up on the story and alerted Hamill, who is an active social media user.

It has not been revealed what Luke Sky Walker's probation violation was, but it must be pretty serious since he is being held without bond, according to online court records. Let's just hope that it didn't have to do with stealing street signs again. When he and his friends were arrested in 2017, they were very easy to spot driving the gold Honda Civic. Walker and friends were originally held on $4,000 bond, which they posted and were released from jail after 24 hours. However, as of this writing, Walker remains in a Carter County jail.

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Mark Hamill is pretty much a master of social media and doesn't take himself very seriously online, which is refreshing. The Star Wars actor is constantly interacting with fans to provide them with crazy bits of information and also providing a pretty interesting take on the Donald Trump administration, while being very careful not to leak out any important Star Wars 9 information. With that being said, Hamill must be tripping out pretty hard to learn that some parents named their son Luke Sky Walker 21 years ago as a tribute to iconic Jedi.

No court date for Luke Sky Walker has been revealed at this time, so it looks like he will be spending some quality time behind bars for whatever he did to violate his probation. Hopefully, Walker learns his lesson and keeps out of the justice system after his latest arrest, which will help to keep his full name from appearing in stories like this one. Mark Hamill is on the right line of thinking why parents would give a child the full name of Luke Sky Walker in the first place. You can read the funny reaction to Luke Sky Walker's arrest below, thanks to Mark Hamill's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick