In a story from Variety, Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan have inked individual multi-year overall deals with 20th Century Fox TV. They will now be the new showrunners for Family Guy. Under the terms of the deal they will also become executive producers.

They will be replacing David Goodman and Chris Sheridan. These two will still be on the show as executive producers.

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Hentemann came aboard Family Guy during its second season as a writer. Callaghan has been on board the show from the beginning. He started as a writers' assistant.

"Mark is part of the heart and soul of the series," offered Gary Newman, 20th Century Fox TV chairman. "He's taken on post-production duties for Seth (MacFarlane) that Seth has never let anyone else do. Seth now has the utmost confidence in Mark's ability to post-produce the show and cut it."

After seeing the show get canceled twice, Callaghan called it "especially rewarding" to watch the show "become a major franchise."