20th Century Fox has acquired Mark Millar's first children's book Kindergarten Heroes. Carter Blanchard is writing the screenplay adaptation, with Simon Kinberg producing. Here's what Mark Millar had to say about the project on his official website earlier today.

"Exciting times. As you can see in the article, this is a live-action movie based on the children's book I put together with Curtis Tiegs a year or two back, planned as a franchise from Fox with the mighty Kinberg on producer duties. White-hot screenwriter Carter Blanchard is doing the screenplay, snapped up by (Steven) Spielberg for his most recent gig, and this is all looking very cool indeed.

Curtis, the artist and co-owner of the book, is my 50/50 partner on the movie too. I'm very proud to say I met him here on the Millarworld boards where, like a lot of you guys, I was wowed by his super-cool art.

More as it happens.


The Steven Spielberg "gig" Mark Millar refers to is the DreamWorks sci-fi project Glimmer, which centers on a group of teens who discover a portal to the past. Carter Blanchard also wrote Spy Hunter for Warner Bros. and director Ruben Fleischer.

The Kindergarten Heroes book was first announced in 2012, although no story details have been revealed, and it is not known when the novel will be published.