Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has optioned Mark Millar's upcoming comic book MPH for a feature adaptation. The comic will debut with its first issue on May 21 from Image Comics. The Hollywood Reporter has also obtained panel images from the first MPH comic book issue, which you can see below.

MPH Comic Book Panel 1
MPH Comic Book Panel 2

The story centers on four 19-year-old friends who discover a new drug that gives them the ability to move at light-speed for seven days. The comic is the last of Mark Millar's Millarworld series which includes several properties such as Starlight, currently in development at 20th Century Fox, The Secret Service, which hits theaters in October, Kick-Ass and Jupiter's Legacy, whose film rights he is currently holding onto at the moment. The author, who recently had a baby and just finished the scripts for Starlight and the first volume of Jupiter's Legacy, plans to take some time off before starting any new projects.

Here's what Mark Millar had to say about producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura in a statement.

"(Lorenzo's) one of the few real moguls in the industry, having hired Chris Nolan for Batman and bought the rights to the Harry Potter books when he was head of Warner Bros. and then of course he's the guy behind the Transformers movies. So he's a guy who really knows how to make huge pictures and he's somebody I've always wanted to work with on one of the bigger Millarworld adaptations."

The producer plans to attach a screenwriter to adapt the comic before taking the project out to studios.