We reported here that Matthew Vaughn was taking a break on Thor in order to write and direct the film based on Mark Millar's comic Kick-Ass. Speaking to Newsarama, the rising comic book star addressed those rumors.

Millar said:

I can't confirm or deny any director at this stage. Sure, Matthew and I are friends and I think Layer Cake and Stardust tie with 28 Days Later as the best British films of this decade so having him onboard would be amazing. But at this stage I can't even give you a little wink, except to say that the director is already in place and we're looking to rapidly go into production once we're finished a polish on the final script next month. Some casting has already been worked out too, but I can say nothing beyond this annoyingly vague statement.

Kick-Ass deals with a teenager in the "real world" whose obsession with superheroes causes him to begin self-training in order to become a costumed crime-fighter. Sadly, without any sort of superpowers or extra-normal training, reality hits the young kid, and the first issue ends with him stabbed and bleeding.