Mark Millar has made a name for himself in the graphic novel world, but now he wants to put his stamp on the movie world in a very big way, with a reboot of Superman. Empire recently talked to Millar, who created the graphic novels that Wanted and the forthcoming Kick-Ass are based on, has been pitching huge Superman reboot.

Millar revealed that his version would be an 8-hour, three-film series, with the films to be released in consecutive years. He is apparently working with a "big Hollywood action director" who he will not reveal at this time, and he calls this new take, "the Magnum Opus of Superman stories."

"It's gonna be like Michael Corleone in The Godfather films, the entire story from beginning to end, you see where he starts, how he becomes who he becomes, and where that takes him. The Dark Knight showed you can take a comic book property and make a serious film, and I think the studios are ready to listen to bigger ideas now."

Millar got into more detail, adding, "I want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any developments in Millar's Superman pitch.