The Mark Millar comic book series Nemesis has been stuck in development Hell at Fox since the studio acquired the rights in August 2010. Last year, reports surfaced that Joe Carnahan and his brother, Matthew Michael Carnahan, were adapting Nemesis for Fox, although that seems to have fallen through. Take a look at what Joe Carnahan had to say, in a tweet he sent to Mark Millar, along with Mark Millar's response.

Joe Carnahan Tweet
@mrmarkmillar Mark, my brother and I were going to adapt Nemesis at Fox and it got fucked off! We were waiting for you to finish the series."
Mark Millar Tweet
"@carnojoe Seriously? That's hilarious. Follow me so I can DM you."

Nemesis centers on Matt Anderson, a billionaire and expert fighter who not only tries to exact vengeance for the death of his parents, but he also travels the globe as an assassin, knocking off high-ranking cops. The report from 2010 indicated Tony Scott was attached to direct Nemesis, but it is unclear if that is still the case.