20th Century Fox has beat out two other unnamed studios for the rights to Mark Millar's upcoming comic book series Starlight. Simon Kinberg is attached to write the screenplay adaptation and produce.

Here's the comic book's official description from publisher Image Comics' official website.

"So much for retirement! Meet Duke McQueen, a man who has long since settled down and left his days of saving the Universe and operating as the space hero everyone depended on-at least that's what he thought. His wife long passed and his kids off embarking on their own adventures, Duke lives a quiet, solitary life until he receives an unexpected call from a distant world, calling him to action one last time."

The first issue of Starlight, which was drawn by Goran Parlov, will debut on March 5. Here's what Mark Millar himself had to say about the story, in a statement on the Image Comics website, revealing the story was inspired by sci-fi serials from the 1940s and 1950s.

"One day they'd come back to Earth and settle down and have kids and that's exactly what Starlight is... the story of a space-hero who returned and nothing exciting ever happened to him again until he reached retirement age and he had this call back to the stars. I've always been a fan of old gunslinger stories... the idea of this man who had been famous for his excellence getting one last chance to show what he can do. Applying that myth to a space-hero, to an iconic sci-fi character, seemed really interesting to me and the character is so warm and likeable as well as gruff and, I suppose, bad-ass that he really just wrote himself. Goran and I are very proud of this book."

No production schedule was given for the adaptation. Simon Kinberg is no stranger to both the sci-fi and comic book worlds, producing Elysium and writing the script for 20th Century Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past.