Anthony Edwards and Mark Ruffalo are teaming up for a new drama series on Showtime. According to Deadline, the network is also working with producers Jeff Daniels and Timothy Busfield on a project entitled Happily Ever After, which will star Daniels in the lead.

Anthony Edwards and Mark Ruffalo will serve as co-creators and executive produce a weekly look at two partners who run a media crisis management firm. The hope is that both actors will headline the show. But their acting contributions are still up in the air, as Mark Ruffalo is already commited to a number of theatrical projects, which include playing the Hulk in The Avengers. Weeds's Roberto Benabib is penning the pilot script.

Anthony Edwards and Mark Ruffalo came up with the idea for the series on the set of their first film together, Zodiac. They have remained close friends since that time, and this will be their first collaborative creative effort.

Happily Ever After is a pilot that Jeff Daniels wrote, which centers on a Michigan factory worker who quits his job to pursue a career in music. Timothy Busfield is planning to direct the first episode, with Daniels starring and producing.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange