Entertainment Weekly recently talked with Mark Ruffalo about playing the Hulk in Marvel Studios highly anticipated movie version of The Avengers.

In talking with Ruffalo they discussed what it is like inhabiting such an iconic character as Bruce Banner.

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He's a guy struggling with two sides of himself - the dark and the light - and everything he does in his life is filtered through issues of control. I grew up on the Bill Bixby TV series, which I thought was a really nuanced and real human way to look at The Hulk. I like that the part has those qualities.

Another topic of discussion was Ruffalo picking up the role after Marvel and Edward Norton had a clandestine falling out.

I'm a friend of Ed's, and yeah, that wasn't a great way for all that to go down. But the way I see it is that Ed has bequeathed this part to me. I look at it as my generation's Hamlet.
Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs