Superhero Hype! got word from writer / director Mark Steven Johnson this weekend about the production of the upcoming comic book adaptation, Ghost Rider, which is apparently on schedule to begin in 4 weeks. Here are the highlights:

Sorry it's been so long since I've checked in, but we start shooting in about four weeks so you can imagine how busy things are! Jesus. Four weeks out. Hard to believe, eh? Especially for those of you, like myself, who have waited for this movie for such a long time. These updates are always hard to write as I have to toe the line between wanting to tell you everything while having to keep the details under wraps. RELATED: Norman Reedus Is Johnny Blaze in New MCU Fan Art After Lobbying for Ghost Rider Role

So, first off. Casting. Mr. Cage will be Johnny Blaze. Take it from me. That's a done deal. And I could not be happier. Nic is in the shape of his life. Lean and mean, like a motorcycle stunt rider should. I've cast a few more parts but I should wait until the official announcements come (very soon). But safe to say, when in doubt? Listen to Biggun!

The Budget. Nice to see that we've been "upgraded" from a $40 million dollar movie to a $51 million dollar movie! Maybe that's enough for a Dazzler movie but not for a Ghost Rider movie! Seriously, this is an event movie. And Sony knows how to make them right. Rest assured. That is not the budget. Not by a long shot.

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