When it comes to the new Sherlock Holmes, it certainly isn't elementary to figure out who's appearing as who, or what characters will be involved at all. IGN UK recently chatted with Mark Strong, who plays the Lord Blackwood in the film, and talked about the possible appearance of legendary Holmes villain Moriarty's appearance in the film.

WARNING: Any Sherlock Holmes fans who don't want any spoilers should stop reading now.

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"Moriarty's in it... but you don't really see him. I think he's there because if the franchise carries on, there's a possibility that he will appear in a larger guise. But for the purposes of this one and the detective narrative, I'm the guy that Sherlock's after, Lord Blackwood. And he's a cultist/Satanist lord who is the ultimate cad."

We'll certainly keep you updated on any news surrounding this highly-anticipated film.