Universal has picked up rights to Ricardo de Montreuil's short film The Raven, which is being developed as a starring vehicle for Mark Wahlberg, who is also attached to produce, reports Heat Vision.

Justin Marks will write the script.

The Raven was part of the short film wave that hit Hollywood in the late winter and early spring when many up-and-coming filmmakers, with studio aspirations, released their own mini-movies in the hopes of catching a ride on the Hollywood comet.

The Raven focused on a young man with powers being chased around downtown Los Angeles by robotic police drones, while a giant police ship coordinates the effort from the skies above.

Universal's Raven is not to be confused with FilmNation and Intrepid Pictures' project with the same title (The Raven). The latter is an adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe poem and stars John Cusack, Luke Evans and Alice Eve.

No production date has been set.