A new Transformers: Age of Extinction TV spot brings what will surely be one of the best moments of the summer movie going season. Bumblebee saves Cade Yeager and his daughter from certain death, and star Mark Wahlberg responds in kind, "You're the best Bee!" Giving us a new quote that has the potential to become even bigger than, "Say hello to your mother for me!" Delivered in the actor's trademark Boston accent, it's a moment you'll be replaying over and over again. But that's not all! This latest footage also offers an introduction between Cade and Dinobots leader Grimlock, a giant metal T-Rex who offers a hearty roar as a hello. Check out this action-packed teaser, and then be first in line when Transformers 4 hits theaters later this month.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange