We're not sure how much demand there is for a Mark Wahlberg superhero movie. But the actor has outright confirmed that we'll never see him wearing spandex. Marvel and DC have become two of the leading forces in Hollywood, and every actor is clamoring to join one, if not both, of these cinematic universes. Mark Wahlberg is not one of these actors.

Mark Walhberg was at the American Film Market in Casa De Mar, where he appeared alongside Bob Weinstein to talk about his upcoming TWC-Dimension action adventure The Six Billion Dollar Man. Some could argue this reboot of the popular Six Million Dollar Man TV show is, in essence, a superhero movie. Just don't tell Mark Wahlberg that. Standing before 100 potential buyers, he said this according to Variety.

"I don't care what it is, how much I'm getting paid, I'm not leaving my trailer in a cape."

The original Six Million Dollar man revolved around Steve Austin, an astronaut who is seriously injured when his spaceship crashes. Handsome and athletic, Austin undergoes a government-sanctioned surgery, which rebuilds several of Steve's body parts with machine parts, making him cyborg-like. When Steve recovers, his machine parts enable him to have superhuman strength and speed, as well as other powers. With these powers, Steve goes to work for the Office of Scientific Information, battling evil for the good of mankind.

Though he now comes with a higher price tag, Mark Wahlberg's Six Billion Dollar Man will follow a similar premise. Though no official synopsis has been released yet. It is said that the movie may also pull material from the book Cyborg, which influenced the 70s TV show. Though Steve Austin doesn't wear a cape, many do consider him a superhero.

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Mark Wahlberg even called the film a 'superhero movie' back in 2014, when it was first announced. And even further back in 2013, the actor claimed that he'd be willing to take over the Iron Man franchise once Robert Downey Jr. calls it quits. Though it sounds like he's cooled his jets on that idea. Wahlberg has also admitted that at one point he was wanted as Robin in the disastrous 1995 movie Batman Forever, but he went onto call that a bullet dodged, with the role eventually going to Chris O'Donnell.

Wahlberg is no stranger to genre movies though. After appearing in mostly true-to-life dramas and action thrillers, he did take on the lead role in Tim Burton's 2001 remake Planet of the Apes. And he also appeared in M. Night Shyamalan's horror movie The Happening, but neither of those movies resonated with audiences. While he did tussle with some cosplaying superheroes in the epic climax of Ted 2, the closest he's come to previously staring in a superhero movie is Transformers: Age of Extinction. He will next appear in that film's sequel Transformers: The Last Knight.

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