A sophomore week setback wasn't enough to keep one rambunctious dog away from the top of the home video charts for too long. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marley & Me returned to the top of the national DVD sales charts in its third week on the shelves. The title debuted at the top spot two weeks ago, but fell to fifth place last week and rebounded this week amongst little competition.

Only two major newcomers hit the shelves this week, with The Spirit taking second place on the DVD sales charts and Best-Picture nominee The Reader taking fifth place on the sales charts.

On the rental side, The Day the Earth Stood Still kept the top spot for the second week in a row, with The Spirit taking second place in rentals and The Reader finishing in sixth place.

The Spirit did come away with a win in Blu-ray sales, with 24% of the disc's total sales coming in the high-definition format. The Day the Earth Stood Still slipped to second place in BD sales, but still posted strong BD numbers, with 20% of the disc's sales in the 1080p format.