According to Latino Review, the role of 'Jor-El,' who serves as Superman's father, has apparently been cast in Bryan Singer's upcoming comic book adaptation, Superman Returns...

Apparently, none other than Marlon Brando himself! Yes, yes we all know he is no longer with us so just how will this happen? As far as we can tell Brando will not be CGI, but Singer plans to use stock footage of Marlon Brando that was originally shot by "Superman" director Richard Donner. Considering that Jor-El's role in Superman Returns is very minor this might just work. RELATED: Superman: The Animated Series Premiered 25 Years Ago Today

Brando and Christopher Reeve were once filmed interacting with one another to be used in Superman II, (here's the deleted scene image on you left) but due to a lawsuit against the Salkinds for a percentage of the sequel, the scenes were deleted and re-shot using the mother (Susannah York) instead.

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