The Good

If you get it, then you know what a great show this is.

The Bad

No Special Features.

Now this is a show that I loved as young kid and I am happy to see that Married... with Children: The Complete Fifth Season not only holds up, but really seems like a sitcom that in it's Fifth season still had the magic. Al (Ed O'Neill) is still a shoe salesman, Peggy (Katey Sagal) is still trying to rope him into bed, Bud (David Faustino) is Bud and Kelly (Christina Applegate) encapsulates all that was good and bad about women's fashion in the late Eighties early Nineties. Full of solid raunch and biting humor it isn't any surprise that in today's sitcom climate, this show would still be highly relevant.

Whether Al is reliving some sort of glory in "The Unnatural" episode, or trying to impregnate Peggy for cash in "And Baby Makes Money," or the "Look Who's Barking" episode which is from Buck the dog's perspective and is just plain bizarre. Married... with Children fans stand tall, this new release is calling!


No Extras came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Aspect Ratio. Simply lit and classically shot the main house setting of this show seems to recall All in the Family. The 25 episodes in this set are neatly sprinkled over the three discs that make it up. On my TV, I found that all the colors utilized in this show really stood out. In fact that had a hand making this show stand out when I was younger. I really saw aspects of my culture around me on this show and that's probably why it looks dated now.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. This show is so well written and sly that the episodes can be watched a few times before their meaning is made clear. I don't think we need film historians to break this down like they might Ben-Hur, but there is something about the way this show was written that lingers with you long after the credits have rolled. The sound conveys this simply but that makes it no less effective.


Al stands behind his family flexing his muscles as the rest of them stand excitedly (or not) on this front cover. The back cover offers up some shots from this show, a description of what this fifth season has in store and also includes technical specs. The three discs that comprise this set are encased in individual trays with more artwork from the show around them. Inside is an episode listing with descriptions as well. Simple packaging that gets right to the point of the product.

Final Word

The biggest problem I had with Married... with Children when it was on was why wouldn't Al want to have sex with his wife? Yeah, I thought Christina Applegate was something nice to look at and goodness knows this show was filled with a lot of eye candy, but I never got why Peggy was someone Al was revolted by. Could it be that familiarity breeds contempt? Having never been married myself this is a question I can't answer, but I honestly remembered being just as enamored by Katey Sagal then as I am now.

Married with Children was released .