The Good

This show hasn't lost anything over the years.

The Bad

No Extras on this TV on DVD show that is screaming for them.

Married... with Children: The Complete Sixth Season is packed with 26 episodes on 3 discs. One might think that by this point in the show that Al, Peg, Kelly, and Bud would have lost the spring in their step, but that is certainly not the case. How else to explain Kelly getting her own talk show, Peg becoming pregnant again, Al becoming a a private detective, and Bud getting what can best be described as an "extreme" girlfriend? What makes this show so great is that the characters don't seem like they are mocking or putting anybody down. The humor works because these actors are simply playing off one another, making jokes on a universal level that most people can get and hopefully enjoy. My favorite episodes in this set were "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick," "Buck Has A Bellyache" and all three of the "England Shows."

While this is show that may not be for everyone, it is sure nice to see Married... with Children alive and kicking in this Sixth Season installment.


No Extras came with this release.


Aspect Ratio - 1.33:1. These shows looked pretty good on this 3 DVD set. I didn't see anything about them that blew me away, but at the same time I didn't notice anything about the picture that caught my attention in a negative way. What was so interesting about this show was how simple and shoddy the sets were. I think that's why viewers really took to this show because they really got to see themselves on TV. Everything wasn't so neat and sparkling clean, and that allowed viewers to relate to the characters more.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. These DVDs sounded good but like the picture, there wasn't anything that really jumped out and grabbed me. I was able to hear all the jokes and I really got the impression that by this point in the show, playing these characters was really second nature for the actors.


An in pain Al Bundy is shown on this front cover with his family smiling behind him. This picture is a perfect thumbnail for everything that Married... with Children: The Complete Sixth Season is about. The back cover offers buyers a description of what this season contains, some images from the episodes, and technical specs. All the discs are neatly stored inside this packaging, and since (aside from the episodes themselves) there really isn't any other content, everything is very easy to locate and navigate through.

Final Word

I was very happy to peruse IMDB and see that Ed O'Neill is shooting another TV show titled John from Cincinnati. While I didn't really spend any time finding out what the show's subject matter was, it was great to know that one of our most interesting actors was doing quite well. While it might take O'Neill some time to completely shed the skin of Al Bundy, I am sure that the more he works the more this will most likely happen. In fact, when I watch this show and then see the actors in other movies, it is almost hard to take them serious simply because I can't help but see them as members of the Bundy Clan.

All that is is just as testament to how strong and solid Married... with Children was and still is.

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