Infernal Affairs: According to Variety, Martin Scorsese has just finished with Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator for Warner Bros. Pictures, IEG and Miramax Films, and his reps are now busily negotiating to make Infernal Affairs his next picture at Warner Bros.

Based on the trilogy of Chinese-lingo gangster pics of the same name, insiders say Pitt is considering a starring role.

Set in the midst of an intractable battle between the Hong Kong police and the triads that rule the area, original pic follows a cop who's been assigned to work undercover inside the gangs and who's risen to a fairly senior level.

Simultaneously, a secret member of the same powerful criminal gang has infiltrated the police force with an equal measure of luck and success.

English-lingo script for "Infernal" is being penned by William Monahan, who's also written the script to Ridley Scott's upcoming Crusades-era Kingdom of Heaven at Fox, "Mazar e Sharif" at Sony's Columbia Pictures, Tripoli at Fox again and Jurassic Park IV at Universal.