Frank Marshall and Nice Kicks are hinting at a release of Marty Mcfly's futurist "Nike Air Mags" from Back To The Future Part II. When NiceKicks posted their article, the film reference immediately sparked a online frenzy, with talks ranging from a 3D re-release of the trilogy to a remake of the first film.

Director Frank Marshall tweeted:

Frank Marshall's Nike Tweet
"Something big is coming soon, Can't say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny."

Soon after Marshall followed up with another Tweet that read:

Frank Marshall's Nike Tweet #2
"Going to need a lot of hover boards..."

...with a link to the video below, showing racks of the Nike's, and and the musical queues from the Back to The Future score. Check it out below, and lets us know what you think...

Marty Mcfly in <strong><em>Back to the Future Part II</em></strong> with Nikes
Marty Mcfly wearing Nikes on a hoverboard in <strong><em>Back to the Future Part II</em></strong>
Marty Mcfly wearing self-lacing Nikes in <strong><em>Back to the Future Part II</em></strong>