Breaking the law! Breaking the law! That's what any Marvel actor might sing if they ever signed on for a DCEU movie while also appearing in the MCU. Chris Hemsworth portrays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he also plays other roles like Kevin in Ghostbusters and George Kirk in Star Trek. Which is totally normal for an actor to do. But according to Hemsworth, it's "illegal" for a Marvel actor to appear in a DC movie, which makes sense. Disney/Marvel vs. Warner Bros./DC is a perceived rivalry shared by fans and even some critics, though it's just honestly not true on any sort of official level. Fans seem to take joy in pitting the two comic companies against each other and a "crossing of the streams" doesn't seem like it would be very popular at this point in time.

Chris Hemsworth made in appearance at Sydney's Supanova Comic Con over the weekend in Australia. According to Twitter user Tyler James, Hemsworth said that "it's illegal for Marvel actors to appear in DC films." Now we'll let that sink in for a minute. Chris Hemsworth may be known for his muscles and action chops, but he's also know as a pretty funny individual as well. This could have been a pretty healthy dose of sarcasm from Hemsworth or it could have been an exaggeration because illegal comes off as kind of ridiculous.

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The Thor star also revealed that he knows when we'll all finally see the Soul Stone, which is the last of the 6 Infinity Stones to be revealed. All he would say was that it will happen "real soon," while not confirming nor denying that the last stone could turn up in Thor: Ragnarok. In addition, Hemsworth shared what it's like to work on a set with 2 Chrises by saying that they both go by their respective last names (Pratt and Hemsworth). Fascinating stuff going down at the Supanova Comic Con, that's for sure.

One point that wasn't sarcastic or exaggerated was the price of pictures and autographs taken with Hemsworth. To get a picture taken with Thor costs a hefty sum of $210. Now that may seem like a high cost to pay (and it totally is), the high cost is probably there for a reason. One reason being that if a picture with Chris Hemsworth were super cheap, everybody and their mother would be in on it and the actor would have to spend an entire day taking selfies with fans. That would get super old, super fast, so the high price seems justified to help Hemsworth go about his day after doing a panel at a Con.

MCU president Kevin Feige has stated in the past that the actor's contracts do not contain any restrictions to which roles they can take. Now that sounds pretty official, but that's not to say that "crossing streams" isn't heavily looked down upon between the two companies. It would be pretty hard to imagine a prominent Marvel character ditching Marvel to go work on a DC movie. But who knows? Maybe we can get Ben Affleck to change sides and go play Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, leaving the role of Batman open to Vin Diesel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick