All five major networks made big headlines this past week as they brought the axe down on some beloved TV shows. But perhaps Marvel fans have been most outspoken following the news that ABC has canceled Marvel's Agent Carter after just two seasons. Now, those fans are attempting to fight back. They have officially launched a petition asking Netflix to save the show.

Netflix sounds like the perfect home for the series, which stars Hayley Atwell as one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. They already host the very popular Marvel series Daredevil, which recently premiered its second season, and Jessica Jones, which has been renewed for season 2. Coming to the streaming giant later this year is Luke Cage. And they have Iron Fist planned for 2017. Also arriving next year is The Defenders, a miniseries that brings all four of these superheroes together under one roof. The Punisher is also getting his own series. So why not add one more to the line-up?

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As of this morning, over 21,000 people have signed the petition, sending out the distress call that they want their Peggy Carter saved. The petition targets Disney, ABC and Netflix. And it is very direct and to the point. Their message?

"Save Agent Carter, bring her to NETFLIX."

That's it. Now, various supporters around the Internet are making their case on an individual basis as to why the show must be saved. In the realm of superhero TV shows, hers is one of the few, alongside The CW's Supergirl that has a female lead. One supporter of the petition had this to say about why it's important to keep Agent Carter up and running, even if it isn't on network TV.

"Peggy Carter is such an amzing [sic] character, and with lines such as 'I know my own worth,' she's also an exemplary role-model. By cutting 'Agent Carter,' ABC is only adding to the stigma that women cannot act a lead role and be powerful by themselves that is often preached by media standards."

Many of the people signing the petition claim it's because Agent Carter is one of the few TV series that show women in a positive light. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Netflix to step in and take over the show since they already have an established working relationship with Marvel. And they are known for saving shows, such as Arrested Development or reviving them, such as Gilmore Girls and Fuller House. All of which have proven to be big hits on the streaming giant.

Agent Carter closed out its second season with considerably low ratings. That might not detract Netflix from picking up the show if fans show enough interest. They ran the final season of The Killing after AMC killed it off due to low ratings. Though, fans might be out of luck. As ABC canceled Agent Carter, they did pick up the legal drama Conviction which stars Hayley Atwell. If you want to sign the petition and help save Agent Carter, you can do so at